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Enjoying the Countryside for the Silver Age

Are you are 55 or over and like to stay in the countryside? If so, then look for the new Silver Suitcase logo; it showcases destinations, services and products that are officially accredited to suit your preferences and needs. What’s more, the Silver Suitcase Card offers many additional discounts or special bonus services when you use the card.

What can you expect from the Silver Suitcase?

Our services are on offer to guests of any age, but they put particular effort and attention to the needs of the 55+ age group. For example, they focus on venues and surrounding areas that are easy to move around: no high steps or steep stairways, showers and lavatories with handles, guest and social rooms on the ground or first floor. We offer healthy menus and recognise special dietary requirements, locally sourced and organically produced when possible, along with owners who are always prepared to provide information and assistance. Local health care facilities in the surrounding areas are documented and assured to be of international standards.

Our Silver-Age-friendly accommodations, destinations and routes are identified by the “Silver Suitcase” symbol in advertising materials and on visible stickers at the doorstep.  It is that simple - click on  PRODUCTS  in the main menu above, and then plan your individual itinerary in accordance with your needs and interests.

What is the Silver Suitcase card?

The Silver Suitcase card provides discounts or other bonus services at accredited country tourism services for the 55+ age group in Europe. It is also useful to facilitate touring routes across one or several countries.The card is valid at tourism destinations, accommodation and other services that are part of the programme. It also can be used in combined products such as specific tours.  
  • The “Silver Suitcase” card is accepted in many countries of Europe. Participating services and products can be found at this website.
  • The card is issued individually, including the card-holder’s name and a registration number. It has a limited period of validity.
  • Discounts are applied directly by the services on presentation of the card. The Card number and holder’s name will be registered. Detailed rules are provided together with the card. Within each country, benefits are common to all cardholders regardless their origin or nationality. If the card is issued by a Seniors Organisation, additional benefits may apply
  • In each participating country a contact point will be able to provide assistance if required.

How and where to obtain the Silver Suitcase card:

The Silver Suitcase system is a joint effort of rural tourism providers and organisations that represent the 55+ age group. Both can help you to obtain the Silver Suitcase card:
  • Member organisations of EuroGites that participate in the Silver Suitcase scheme will provide the card to citizens of their country that are 55 or older.
  • Organisations of seniors or pensioners issue the card to their members under their own conditions.
Specific agreements between senior organisation and regions or countries may establish additional benefits for cardholders. Ask your association if they have any such agreement.